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Test Drive video


Oct 7, 2021

Lead single from my new Album Test Drive on 600 Block Records.

Buy/stream/share:!bc Test Drive, the title track from the forthcoming hip hop LP by Chicago’s Pugs Atomz, is refreshingly unique, decidedly modern, and undeniably soulful. The song’s sensitivity is a welcome reprieve from the seemingly endless supply of vapid bravado and lazy misogyny spewing out of the major labels these days. In the song, Pugs explores the anxiousness of a first date and the feeling of meeting a soulmate through the deftly delivered double entendre of dating as a “test drive.” Awdazcate’s soulful vocals take the song beyond the typical hip hop single. Tusk57’s analog production and live instrumentation bring the kind of warmth, texture, and sonic depth to the song that samples and loops simply can’t capture. Available now on 600 Block Records.

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