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A 70-page book detailing a movement from 1993-2003 in Chicago's DIY Hip Hop scene. The Nacrobats started by Pugs Atomz in 1993,  grew to 200 strong evolving and creating culture. This book features a collection of flyers, photos, album covers, and essays from Nacrobat members, and gives you a look inside the artist cultivating their paths. Today many of the Nacrobats are accomplished Musicians, Store owners, Label owners, Visual Artists, Doctors, Lawyers,  Beauticians, Designers, Chefs, and Parents. This is their coming-of-age story. "A Love Supreme" by Pugs Atomz. Cover Art by  Dredske & Pugs Atomz / Photos by Rift Napalm and Cos G and more...

Nacrobats Is truly what Chicago underground Hip-Hop in the 90’s was about dope beats, bars, and sounding unique. Following in the footsteps of Common, All Natural and The Molemen. The Nacrobats became an institution for upcoming rappers, producers, dancers, artist, and party promoters of the time. Their DIY aesthetic and over 40+ releases (solo and as a collective) have laid the ground work for many artists there today. This compilation scratches the surface of some of the best music they recorded over the First 10 years or so. Crowd favorites and Cult classics Like Century 21, Paperz, Be like you, and Rock the world are all included. Some of the standout members featured on this compilation are Open Mike Eagle, Psalm One, Thaione Davis, Pugs Atomz, Infinito 2017, and Kenny Keyz. “Nacrobats was the precursor to today's Chicago crews like Save Money (Vic Mensa/ Chance the Rapper) and Pivot Gang. (Saba) terms of being dedicated to the culture while progressing it. “ #culturepower45 #limitededition 


Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Pugs Atomz's extraordinary vision, and see the start of so many of Chicago's talented artists. Order your copy of "A Love Supreme" today and let the stories transport you to the emerging  90's  Chicago Hip Hop scene before streaming and social sites.

A Love Supreme ( The legendary Nacrobats crew by Pugs Atomz

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